Fad or Fabulous? Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet®

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A lot of us want to shed some pounds for summer. Of course, eating healthy and exercising is the way to do it. But the market’s flooded with tempting diet pills and fads — most which, let’s face it, don’t work. But from everything I’ve read about Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet®, it actually does work (even though it sounds like an oxymoron). He’s been at it since 1975, so there must be some method to his madness!


The Product

Dr. Siegal makes his products by hand in his own private bakery in Miami. Pretty crazy, eh? Hope he doesn’t have arthritis, what with all that mixing. The cookies come in five flavors: chocolate, oatmeal raisin, blueberry, banana, and coconut. Yum. They also have shakes, tea, and nutritional supplements, but c’mon — we want the cookies! Each of the products contains the secret protein formula that makes these things supposedly work so well.


The Plan

The plan is simple: eat six of Dr. Siegel’s cookies a day to control hunger, then eat a sensible meal at night. “Sensible” to the doc means about 300 calories. No, that’s not much, but it’s doable. You’re supposed to lose an average of 10 lbs. a month. They say even if you don’t want to diet, some people use Dr. Siegal’s shakes and cookies as a low-cal snack to fight the munchies. Me likey.


The Copycats

Since Dr. Siegal’s program has been around for so long, there are a few copycat cookie diets out there now. But they don’t have Dr. Siegal’s secret protein mixture. This is the “real” cookie diet. It’s even been profiled by dozens of pretty reputable sources like People magazine, E! News, ABC’s Good Morning America, The New York Times, and Forbes.


The Cost

My only qualm is with the price: $59 per box, which will last you a week. But when you break it down, that’s only about $4 per replaced meal. And that’s not so bad, really. I need payday to roll around again, but I really think I’m going to give this a try. If you want to read more about this cookieliciousness, check out http://www.cookiediet.com/


Let me know if you’ve heard anything good or bad about Dr. Siegal’s plan, or if you’ve tried it! I’ll check back in after trying it out myself.

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