Failing at job interviews Friday Writing Essentials (FFT)

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I chose “Failing at job interviews” for my prompt as I have never failed at one. I don’t know why, but every job I have ever interviewed for I got. I have had to turn jobs down before for health reasons or because it wouldn’t work with my schedule but I have never failed a job interivew.

I like to wear red to an interview as it is a power color, but I also like to know a little about the job and try and dress like I would start work that day if I had too. I show up 15 minutes early, give a firm hand shake with a smile and make eye contact often. I am polite and answer the questions I am asked. I also go with a list of questions of my own.

I like to leave the meeting with an extra hand shake and a big thank you for the time they took to interview me. Then after I follow up with a phone call to thank them again or a post card which ever is more appropriate for the job. Most times I have been hired before getting that call or post card up but it doesn’t stop me from sending it anyways.

I hope that this gave some other people a few ideas that they can use on their next inteview to help the process go more smoothly and wish them all the luck in the world that they Ace that next job interview.






Anyway. For today’s prompt, I want you to do a freestyle type response. No time limit, and you can edit as you go, if you’d like.

My rules are this:

  • Once you’ve chosen a topic, stick to it. :-) This means no going back and forth, even if it is difficult to stick to the theme :-)
  • You must mention at least one color in your post (blue, red, purple, etc.)
  • It has to be at least two paragraphs in length

And that’s all. :-) Here are the topics from which to choose:

  • Losing with grace
  • Your first crush
  • Your child’s first crush
  • Your dream vacation
  • Failing at job interviews
  • Getting the job after tough interviews

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