‘Fairly Legal’ Season 2, Episode 13 ‘Finale’ recap

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Fairly Legal wrapped up a few storylines Friday night. The season finale is titled “Finale,” and as the show has not yet been picked up for a third season, the episode could work as a series finale.

Kate (Sarah Shahi) is lying in bed next to Justin (Michael Trucco). He’s completely passed out. And now it’s Ben (Ryan Johnson) lying in bed. He seems sad and lonely. The thing is that Kate does too. The song playing over the scene is all about being ready to fall in love, and maybe Kate is, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Justin is not The One. Lauren is also shown getting ready for her day. She stops and looks at her image. She looks sad.

Kate goes into the office and sees Leo reading a newspaper that says that the D.A. (Esai Morales) is leading Justin in the polls. She has a moment of being outraged, but then as quick as that, she is onto something else. Her attention span can be slightly less than that of an over-tired two-year-old.

She asks Leo to look up an apartment finder site, but as they are discussing this, Ben walks into the office. Kate and Leo clam up, but it’s too late. He overheard. He congratulates Kate and offers up his guy. Ben has a guy a for everything, but in this case, he has a guy who has some apartment buildings. Kate turns his down and rushes out to prepare for her 9 o’clock. As she sits at her desk, she looks across and watches as Ben goes into his office. He looks stunned and sort of sad.

Kate’s morning is taken up by a mediation between a cable news channel and Nora and Rachel (Lindy Booth), two women who were fired for dating. Their attorney (Rebecca Staab) claims that they were fired because they are lesbians. The station says that has nothing to do with it, but Rachel says that there are definitely other couples who were not fired. The station claims this is different because Nora is technically Rachel’s supervisor as Rachel started as an intern and is currently a researcher.

The stress caused them to break up, and Kate asks that they be allowed their jobs backs considering that. Rachel says she doesn’t want to just as Nora jumps at the idea. She is hired back. Nora agrees to sign whatever they want so long as they give her work back. At the end, her biggest project is missing. Conspiracy theorist Kate (or Erin Broko-nut as Ben calls her) thinks the network fired her so they could quash the story.

As crazy as it sounds, it looks more and more likely that Selex did somehow have something to do with Rachel’s firing. As she tours apartments with Justin (the show hits the viewer over the head with how wrong the two are together as he loves open, modern spaces and she loves more intimate, character filled ones. The one she loves best turns out to be one from Ben’s guy), she fills him on the situation. Justin suggests she get her hands on the corporate tax return since she could then see if the company really did get huge tax credit.

Rachel uses a contact in the IT department to find out that Davidson sent an email to the network telling them to go ahead with what they discussed. They also discover that Robin Archer (Lloyd Owen) has a small stake in Selex. Lauren agrees to approach Archer for help. He agrees and tells Lauren that he wishes she’d reconsider.

Archer tells Kate and crew that the mysterious CEO of Selex, Paul Kaplan, figured out something was up, but he is going to be in town, maybe they can confront him?

The thing is that Archer might not be such a great guy. Lauren finds herself on the receiving end of more attention than anyone wants from the FBI. They want her to help them bring Archer down. For what? It’s not entirely clear, but shady business dealings are probably a good guess. Lauren agrees.

Kate bolts out of the office after getting a call. Leo walks in on Ben sitting at Kate’s desk. He’s trying to figure her out. He sees the stone heart he found at Lake Tahoe. He’s stunned. He contues to look at the heart when he catches sight of something that makes im bolt after Kate.

Ben catches up with Kate at Archer’s hotel (he owns it). Kate tricks him into taking the escalator and bolts down without him. Archer tells her that Kaplan left, but he’s going to drop his vendetta against Reed & Reed. She tells him that she knows he’s Kaplan. Archer scoffs, but it’s pretty clear that she is onto something. She tells him to make things right, and that Kaplan should die. He drives off. Ben knocks on the glass wall of the hotel. He’s managed to make his way down to the lobby. She teases him and kisses the glass where his mouth is.

Kate goes to the D.A. and tells him that she has proof that he had corrupt dealings with Selex. She gives him a flashdrive and leaves him to think on it. Later she walks blindfolded into an apartment. She removes it and realizes that they are in Justin’s apartment. He offers to knock down walls and whatever she wants. Kate can’t take it anymore. She tells Justin that even though she loves him, she can’t be with him. They’re just too different. Justin looks crushed, but unsurprised. The D.A. drops out of the race.

Lauren decides to give Archer a chance. She drops the wire to the ground and goes off with him.

Kate moves into that apartment Ben’s guy found. The one she loved. Her neighbor? Ben. And that’s it for Fairly Legal this season.

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