Fake Apple Stores Surge in China: Entire Stores Created to Con

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There are several fake Apple stores springing up across China and it is the unsuspecting customers who are paying the hefty price of being conned. The fake Apple stores are entire stores created to bring Apple-logo.pngin and con consumers into paying more for illegally obtained Apple products. The staff at these fake stores dressed in typical blue T-shirts that sport the business’ logo. However, often times, the staff is untrained and unknowledgeable when it comes to the products they offer.

The tell-tale sign that these stores are fake are the signs above them which not only show the company’s logo but also the words “Apple Store” next to it. Authentic stores only use the famous logo. Sadly, the counterfeit culture associated with China has proven that they are more than just a few steps ahead of the authorities. Any criminal that has the audacity to create entire fake stores are obviously not that concerned with cops.

Despite these fake stores showing up everywhere, Apple isn’t too concerned because they plan on opening more authentic stores in China. Hopefully, Chinese authorities will put more manpower into closing down the counterfeit stores. It must be rough to know that only a few miles down there’s a fake store illegally selling your merchandise!

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