Fake Bin Laden Links Could Damage Your Computer

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Don’t click on any fake bin Laden links that claim to show his dead body or video of his killing. You may get more than you bargained for.

Spammers and scammers often use public figures or newsworthy events to get people to click on links that could contain harmful computer viruses. Osama bin Laden’s death is no exception. A Facebook page has been made called “See Video of bin Laden Dead,” and that page has posted links on other bin Laden Facebook pages. Some people, including writers who should know better, who were doing research on bin Laden’s death were not cautious enough, and haphazardly clicked on this fake bin Laden link, picking up a virus along the way. The virus will cause your computer to freeze and send spam out to all the contacts in your email.

Beware of any fake bin Laden links–they might allude to showing his death, or say he’s not actually dead. One shows a picture of a newspaper, and another claims to have a video. They can actually be quite enticing, and when you’re searching for a juicy story, sometimes you can get careless.

It’s a shame that criminals need to prey on people like this, but if you’re careful and watch what you click on, then your email contacts won’t get a spam email with a link to a fake work-at-home site, like some people’s friends and family did.

president white house video facebook public osama osama bin laden usama usama bin laden national technology world Fake links to photos or videos of Osama bin Laden have hit Facebook and e-mail in a big way -- often with malicious intent.
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