Fake Handbag Salesman Arrested For Reporting Fake Money

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A counterfeit handbag salesman was arrested for reporting counterfeit bills.  What a twist!  The Florida man, Joseph Reese, said he didn’t know selling the bags was illegal.  So he when a buyer gave him fake $100 bills, Reese went to police.  Police took a look at the Dooney and Burke and Gucci purses and took Reese to jail instead of the buyers.  They charged him with possession of counterfeit goods. Reese also sold high-end knockoff sunglasses and wallets.

The fashion industry loses billions every year because of counterfeiters.  And with the advent of the Internet, counterfeiting has gotten even easier.  People don’t have to run the risk of getting caught buying and selling on the street.  They can do it from the convenience of their own homes.  Even though it seems that these designers are getting over by selling their purses and clothes at ridiculous prices (One bag can cost thousands), counterfeiting is still stealing, whether you’re the buyer or the seller.  Plus, you don’t really have to have a Gucci (especially if you can’t afford it).  Just go to your average department store and get a no name.  They’ll carry your stuff just as well.

Reese said he wouldn’t have reported the fake bills if he knew selling the fake purses was against the law.  He had to post $3500 bond.  So not only did he lose the profit from the bags he was conned out of, he had to fork over a few grand to get out of jail.  Okay kids, here is a lesson that crime does not pay.   And “but I didn’t know” doesn’t work as an excuse.  Poor guy.

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