Fake Income Tax Refunds are Producing Real Checks from the IRS

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Fake income tax refunds are producing real checks by the IRS.   But the people receiving the checks didn’t file returns to receive that amount of money, or haven’t even done their taxes yet.  What’s going on with the IRS?  In Florida there has been a rash of 2010 income tax returns filed using someone’s actual name and Social Security number.  This happened to James King, who has not even filed his taxes yet and he received a $6,000 refund!

When this incident regarding James King aired on local TV in Florida, more people stepped up to report that they also received mysterious refunds from the IRS.  According to the Pinellas County Florida Sheriff, so far they have received over 25 complaints from people who tried to file their taxes and were told they already did.  Having your income taxes prepared is something most people remember doing.  Fake income tax refunds can hold up the person’s real income tax refund from being processed by the IRS for possibly up to three years.

According to WBIR, one woman in Florida received a check for $9,000 and when she talked to the IRS about the check they said it was a real check, but like Mr. King, she had not done her taxes yet.

There seems to be some sort of mix-up somewhere.  Who is playing games? Could someone with a demented sense of humor be messing with the IRS computer?  An unidentified IRS spokesman says he has seen this happened before.  He did not give any further explanation.

The bottom line: if you receive an income tax refund and you haven’t even filed your taxes yet, the money isn’t yours to keep!  Don’t cash the check or run out and spend the money. Report the incident to the IRS so that they can be made aware of it.  Be on notice that there are fake income tax refunds producing real checks from the IRS.

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