Fall Television Shows: Which Ones Are Worth a Watch?

Many new fall television shows début next month. However, with so many new series on the list, it’s hard to decide which ones are worth watching. Here’s a guide to a few that seem worthy of a peek.

Matthew Perry of Friends fame is making his television comeback with Go On. Perry plays a sportscaster who’s having a difficult time moving on after losing his wife. This show will offer the actor a vehicle to display his sometimes dry wit and undeniable charm. It the writing is as good as Matt is, the show might help save a sagging NBC network.

NBC is hoping a drama about firemen will also help their ratings. Chicago Fire stars the somewhat beleaguered Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer and Monica Raymund. The series offers a front and behind the scenes look at life for some of America’s bravest first responders. Look for it October 10th.

Country singer turned actress, Reba McEntire, comes back to television in Malibu County. The fiery redhead plays a former Nashville singer who tries jump starting her singing career after years away from the limelight. The series premieres November 2nd on ABC.

Nashville is the focus of a new television show for ABC TV. The series stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere as singing rivals from two different generations. But which one has real singing talent and which is sleeping her way to the top? Tune in October 10th to find out.

On the heels of the success of the FX horror drama, American Horror Story, execs from Disney are pinning their hopes on 666 Park Avenue. The show follows two young lovers as they deal with the paranormal goings-on of their apartment building. The show starts airing on September 30th.

What happens when those the men of the USS Ohio decide they know better than their commander-in-chief? They fail to launch a nuclear attack and end up getting declared enemies of the state. In Last Resort, they flee to a private island where they form their own country and try to survive while proving their innocence to the country they truly love. The show airs for the first time of September 27th.

Sherlock Holmes gets a new look and direction in Elementary. Holmes’ long-time companion becomes a female and suddenly the interaction between the two becomes as interesting as the mysteries they solve together. Holmes and Watson take up residence on CBS September 27th.

A new 60’s inspired drama, Vegas, also premieres on the eye network. In his first television role, Dennis Quaid plays a sheriff who tries to put a stop to mob crime in Sin City. Will he be successful? It doesn’t seem likely, because otherwise there wouldn’t be a show. Vegas debuts September 25th.

The popular 80’s drama, Beauty and the Beast, gets a reboot on the CW. This time around, Catherine Chandler gets played by Smallville’s Lana Lang—Kristin Kreuk. Jay Ryan plays Dr. Vincent Keller, a supposed dead man who suddenly turns up when Catherine needs him the most. The duo connect on a meaningful level and…. Tune in on October 11th to find out.

NBC’s The Revolution offers an interesting premise. What would happen if all the technology in the world suddenly went off-line? Obviously it would be mayhem and only the fittest would survive. Tune in September 17th to watch a new interpretation of a post-apocalyptic world.

Green Arrow’s popularity within the TV drama Smallville earned the Arrow a show of his own. However, don’t look for Justin Hartley to suit up in green. This time around, Stephen Amell plays the super rich playboy who hides his superhero in plain sight. The show begins airing on the CW October 11th.

Other shows worth a peek this coming fall include Cult (CW), Guys With Kids (NBC), Infamous (NBC), Partners (CBS) and The New Normal (NBC). For more information about these new fall television shows, take a peek here.

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