Fall TV Shows: Several Reasons Why Viewers Can’t Wait for Them

Each year, television viewers get excited to see the new fall TV shows. Take a look here to see some reasons why this year will delight them.

666 Park Avenue promises devilish drama, à la American Horror Story. ABC’s capitalizing on AHS’s example by bringing in top-notch actors and pairing them with a great a great story line. The buzz on this show is exciting. It sounds like a sure-fire winner.

Talking about American Horror Story, the original spook fest proved that creepy is entertaining. With amazing actors speaking almost perfectly crafted dialogue under skilled direction, this show’s a revelation every single week. Plus, there’s a whole new setting and story line this year. Who doesn’t want to see where AHS will boldly go in season 2?

Beauty and the Beast offers a new take on an old fairytale. It’s not exactly like it’s 80’s predecessor, though. This one’s even more cerebral without losing any of the romance and drama.

Everyone’s been talking about The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to mega hit Sex and the City. Now it’s time to see if the new show can live up to all the hype and whether fans of the old show will find satisfaction.

CSI is one show people always want to see come back. It’s like an old friend. That’s why the drama’s been on TV as long as it has. It never gets boring and it always offers something unique, if not totally gross.

The age-old story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde gets a reboot in Do No Harm. This time the good doctor is a neurosurgeon who’s battling his evil alter ego. That leaves the premise in place, but gives the story a fresh twist—making it worthy of attention.

A big movie star hits the small screen for the first time. Kevin Bacon who’ll star in The Following. The fact that the show’s plot has been kept under wraps, has everybody talking. Can you smell the potential success?

Kate Hudson’s appearance on Glee is highly anticipated. Love her or hate her, she’s one celebrity you just can’t ignore. Plus, set insiders say her performance will blow people away. Such praise seems worthy of a sneak peek.

ABC may have taken daytime soaps off the air (with the minor exception of General Hospital), but the network is bringing soapy fun to prime time’s Mistresses. To make sure the show will be both sexy and salacious, they even brought in Alyssa Milano. Come on, you know you love her!

Nashville will hopefully do for country music what Smash did for Broadway— make it super cool. Talented actresses Connie Britton and Hayden Penettiere might stop just short of pulling each other’s hair out, but there will be plenty of fireworks nonetheless.

NBC’s Revolution will explain what life could be like after technology dies and people go berserk. While it will be difficult to watch, its premise is one worth consideration. After all, it could happen.

Maggie Q’s Nikita is a butt-kicking delight. Sure, some fans claimed the show’s concept gets rebooted far too often either in movies or on TV. However, not all Nikita’s are the same and Maggie Q’s version is definitely memorable.

Reba McEntire is bringing her wit, charm and grace back to television In Malibu Country. The fiery redhead is a talented actress who can play both comedy and drama. It’s a win-win situation.

Anne Heche gets an up close and personal with God in Save Me. Don’t look for anything too deep, though. This show’s a comedy, which means everything gets played for laughs, including religion.

Dennis Quaid is playing a cowboy sheriff in Vegas. Is there anything left to say? Quaid will display his rugged good looks every week. That’s enough to make a lot of women swoon. But he’s also a talented actor, which should please the men too.

Conspiracy theorists will love Zero Hour, especially with ER’s Anthony Edwards back on the small screen. He plays a beleaguered magazine editor who uncovers something he shouldn’t and then has to decide what to do about his discovery.

What’s your reason for looking forward to the new fall TV shows?

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