Fall TV Shows: Who’s Out and Who’s In?

It’s that time of year when fall TV shows start finding out their fates. Some will survive to complete the year and perhaps beyond. Others will not. Which is which and why? Take a peek.

2 Broke Girls is going strong. It’s a perfect addition to CBS’s Monday night comedies. Chances look good for a season two.

A Gifted Man isn’t a hit but it isn’t a total flop either. CBS seems uncertain what to do with this one. However, it may get a full season to decide its final fate.

Fox’s Allen Gregory had the perfect time slot between lead-in, The Simpsons, and sweeper, Family Guy. A good show would have done well. It didn’t so what does that say?

Grimm seemed doomed, premiering after Once Upon A Time. However, it’s a different show; darker and edgier. No one thought two fairy tales shows would survive, but they could be wrong. This one’s hanging in on Friday night’s black hole. Survival looks good.

Hart of Dixie has a full season to flourish. Should it fail, the show won’t likely see another season.

Last Man Standing started off strong, but dropped off quickly. Still, the House of Mouse has a strong Wednesday comedy block. If it can build one on Tuesday, it could earn ABC the comedy crown. For that reason, the show will probably get a full season pickup.

New Girl held Fox’s best promise of success until The World Series sent it on hiatus. Since its return, it hasn’t picked up steam. That could spell trouble for the hopes of a season two, but probably not. This is one of the best fall TV shows. It’s almost to get another season.

Once Upon a Time came out gang busters and continues to hold its own. It’s quality family TV; something seriously lacking on most networks. It should get a full-season pickup any moment.

ABC’s Pan Am has crashed in the ratings. With its relatively solid lead-in, the show ought to being doing better than it is. The axe could fall on this one any day.

Person of Interest got picked up for a full season for a good reason. It’s an excellent show with winning actors and compelling storylines. It will have the spring to build an audience. If it can do that, CBS will likely give it another season.

Prime Suspect is a good show that’s been given just about every break in the book. Still, it doesn’t move up to NBC’s expectations, this is one of the fall TV shows that won’t see a second season.

Ringer has picked by the CW for a full season. However, if it doesn’t start unveiling something soon, it may not go beyond that. After all, Sarah Michelle Gellar can’t work miracles. Or can she?

Secret Circle has gotten a full season too. The show fits in perfectly with The Vampire Diaries. However, if more people don’t start watching, it might lose its chance for an extension.

Terra Nova’s fate is in question. Fox has decided not to give it a full season. It’s limited to 13 episodes. What’s not certain, however, is whether it will get a second chance next fall. The show is expensive to make. In fairness, though, it didn’t catch a break. It got bumped for The World Series too.

Up All Night seems a shoo-in for a second season. Everyone loves Christina Applegate.

Whitney could be done for. The show’s sometimes crass humor is a turn off, but it has a following. It may just not be large enough to make sure there’s a season two.

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