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The window is open but why don’t you fall?

You can easily press the easy button and be gone.


But yet your heart refuses to touch it.

Even though it is breaking inside.


You wouldnt have to use tape ever again to keep your heart up from falling.

So why don’t you fall?

The easy button is there.

You wouldn’t have to deal with the pain anymore.


It feels like a good answer when your down right,

But how about when your up.


How will you know how it will feel to be in a good mood,

When you are always down.

Ready to jump out the window.

Instead of taking a chance and feeling the warmth inside.


Everybody can be down, but what makes people stand out is how hard they try to stand back and shut the window.

Why don’t you give it a shot?


Right now you dont have anything to lose.

For you are already at the bottom.


Just look up and see there is lots of space above you.

See what is  above.


If you aren’t amazed you can always fall down,

But why go so low when you can fall right into this bed.



Will you close the window and see what it will feel like to fall into the warmth of the bed?

Or fall down?


I think we both know what the answer will truly be,

But first take your favorite cover before you take your eyes off me.


Her eyes shut…………………………………





She dreams in her bed of what up will be like.

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