‘Falling Skies’ Recap: Are the Skidders Rebelling on ‘Love and Other Acts of Courage’?

On Falling Skies “Love and Other Acts of Courage,” the Mason sons have two very different storyline. As one falls in love, the other learns something about the skidders that could save the human race–if anyone believes him.

In the love story, it’s all about Maggie (Sarah Carter) and Hal (Drew Roy). They’re scavenging for medical supplies in nearby hospitals. In the middle of all their work, Hal finds himself irresistibly attracted to his partner, finally, when the machines walk by and they’re forced to hide in a car, their lips just centimeters apart.

Falling Skies at Comic-Con 2010Yet, they don’t share a kiss until after they find a load of medical supplies nearby, and Maggie talks about having brain cancer. But Maggie doesn’t want that sort of relationship, she just wants to be work partners.

More important to the constantly intriguing storyline of Falling Skies is what’s going on with Ben (Connor Jessup) on “Love and Other Acts of Courage.” Not only has Ben disappeared, but Tom (Noah Wyle) and his men find a nearly dead Rick (Daniyah Ysrayl) with a bunch of dead skidders. He’s alive, but barely.

And Rick has a message for the 2nd Mass: They’re all in danger and he knows where Ben is. He even leads the team to the young Mason boy, where they find him protecting a skidder, the same alien that let Tom live when he left his ship.

This alien has a lot to say, and no one but Ben and Rick believe him. They’re all fighting the same enemy, anger and hate, the skidder says through Rick. While Captain Weaver and the rest of the men just want to kill the alien, Tom has other ideas: talk to him about what he knows. After all, he was in the control room of the alien ship. He knows a lot that he could share.

The skidder claims his kind have been harnessed too, and now they’re rebelling against the machines that once destroyed their own planet. Now the skidders want to form an alliance.

Not surprisingly, Tom doesn’t believe him. After all, he’s seen the way the aliens rip apart people with no regret. Still, the alien insists. He’s full of regret and remorse, and now the machines are coming for him, and they’ll destroy the humans along the way.

“Together we can do what neither of us could do alone, overthrow our aggressors,” the skidder leader says. “Join us and survive.” But it might be too late.

As Hal and Maggie return to camp, they’re attacked. Maggie is hurt and tells them to go ahead. Of course, Hal goes to get her, and this might just be the beginning for these two.

Meanwhile, the skidder escapes and as the gunmen shoot at him, Rick jumps to protect him, and gets shot in the stomach. The alien is gone, off to lead the skidder rebellion again, if he’s really telling the truth.

Yet, Tom refuses to believe the skidder’s story at all, and he understands the risk that Ben is putting the entire 2nd Mass in with his “fairytale” story. But he might not have to worry about Ben soon, because he’s planning on going away for a while, hopefully to find proof of the skidder rebellion.

What did you think of Falling Skies “Love and Other Acts of Courage”? Do you think the skidders are really rebelling?

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