‘Falling Skies’ Recap: Death and War on ‘Molon Labe’

Falling Skies is really upping the ante in season two. In episode seven, “Molon Labe,” new dangers and threats are uncovered when Ben (Connor Jessup) and Karen (Jessy Schram) are on the run. But they’re not headed to the skidder rebellion; rather, they run smack into Karen’s master, one of the fish heads, and a bunch of other aliens. Karen’s disloyalty to Second Mass and that storyline seemed to wrap up fast, but there’s a reason why: there’s so much more of the aliens’ story to be told.

Second Mass is amazingly able to kidnap the fish head leader and bring him back to the hospital, but that’s definitely not in everyone’s best interests. The aliens want their leader back, and even claim that they’ll all be free to leave if they return him. If not, things will get worse.

Cast interviewAnd “worse” is the biggest understatement ever on Falling Skies. After Tom (Noah Wyle) sets off an explosion to stop a rear attack, he’s unwittingly trapped Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel), Anne (Moon Bloodgood), and his son Matt (Maxim Knight) in the hospital’s basement. Jamil (Brandon Jay McLaren) goes down to save them, but he only gets attacked himself: by creepy crawling metal spider-looking aliens.

Hal (Drew Roy) and Maggie (Sarah Carter) discover these aliens, too—but only after a long-coming kiss. But that love story will most definitely have to wait, considering the battle they’re all now fighting—both on the front lines and in the hospital as the metal aliens start working their way through the walls, and through Jamil’s body.

Matt, Lourdes, and Anne are now trapped in the blood lab. But thanks to some quick thinking and Matt climbing through a vent to go get help, they blast their way to temporary freedom using an oxygen tank to make a flame torch.

The doctors and Matt are safe, for now, but what will Second Mass do about the fish head and the battle that rages just outside the hospital’s doors?

First, Tom tries talking to the fish head. But, through Ben, the alien only angers Tom more, claiming that by the humans obstructing the inevitable, there will only be more pain and suffering. And he says the humans’ greatest weakness is “sentiment.” To prove him both right and wrong—after Ben seizes because of the alien—Tom shoots the fish head, rather than release him.

It’s a good plan too, because then Tom gives Karen what she wants: a meeting with her dying leader. They also rig the room with explosives, so if the aliens do an air attack, the leader will still die. So much for Karen believing everything can be predicted, something she supposedly learned from the fish head.

With the room rigged to blow, Second Mass is finally allowed to leave the hospital and hit the road, but that’s still not without more casualties. Tom may now believe in the skidder rebellion, but he also understands why Ben needs to leave Second Mass. Ben will only put the humans in danger, and he’s determined to find more unharnessed kids like himself, as well as the rebellion.

As he heads the opposite way, Second Mass heads to Charleston, and that too promises to be a bumpy road, because nothing is ever easy in this alien world.

Falling Skies “Molon Labe” was the most deftly plotted, intense, and creepiest episode to date. What do you think is next for Second Mass? The TNT drama returns in two weeks on August 5 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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