‘Falling Skies’ Recap: Karen Returns and the Skidder Rebellion on ‘Homecoming’

Just as things are becoming normal on Falling Skies, the whole world changes again as the Second Mass infantry tries to find a way to get to Charleston, and to keep everyone safe.

Captain Weaver (Will Patton) isn’t doing well after the skidder infected him, and he’s in a hospital bed. But that’s not all. While out on patrol, Hal (Drew Roy) and Maggie (Sarah Carter) come across a graveyard of dead kids, and only one is alive: Karen (Jessy Schram), who isn’t harnessed anymore.

Falling Skies [COVER COMICBOOK]Will Captain Weaver live?

After a horrible seizure, it’s not clear if Second Mass’s captain will be able to survive the night, especially when the generator goes out while his blood is being recirculated and warmed up. Luckily, he survives, but he’s not entirely out of the woods yet. No matter what, they need to get moving to Charleston—but will Ben be going with?

Can Second Mass trust Karen?

Hal wants to believe Karen is the same as she was before being harnessed on Falling Skies, but not everyone trusts her, least of all Ben (Connor Jessup). Maggie too doesn’t buy her return, thinking it’s weird that she showed up less than one click from the hospital. So, suspicious Ben sets out to find out if they can trust her, and ends up being suckered in too.

Both Karen and Ben can hear the same noise. They both hear all sorts of conversations that they shouldn’t be able to hear. They both have superhuman strength. And, they both know what it felt like to be harnessed, like a hand wrapped around their throats. She convinces him that everyone is out to get them, especially when she nearly kills Maggie and makes it look like Maggie was the one who went after her.

Ben has an idea, and the new partners set off for what Ben thinks will be safety—most likely where the rebelling skidders are. Hal tries stopping them too, but he’s no match for Karen and her super strength.

That’s just when Pope (Colin Cunningham)—who was near death after a skidder attack in the woods—wakes up and tells the truth. Karen is still very much on the side of the aliens, because she was the one who tortured him in the aliens’ pursuit of Ben.

When Tom (Noah Wyle) hears all this, it’s too late. Ben long ago escaped, most likely leading Karen to exactly where she wants to go. They’re looking for the rebellion, and maybe finally Tom will believe.

While Falling Skies “Homecoming” was a fabulous, intense episode, it’s just the beginning of another story, one that leads the Second Mass into even more danger.

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