‘Falling Skies’ Recap: The ‘Young Bloods’ Meet 2nd Mass

The world of Falling Skies may be a battleground against alien forces, but the members of 2nd Mass still have some normal everyday problems to deal with, like kids rebelling against their parents.

It all starts with young Matt (Maxim Knight), who has been trying to assert his independence lately and gets involved on the Resistance’s frontlines. But his dad, Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), will have none of it, especially when Matt acts as skidder bait so two foolish 20-year-olds can blow the heads off aliens.

drew royBut Matt is determined to fight, and his rebellion is only encouraged when some more kids join the fray of 2nd Mass. Those kids are found after Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben (Connor Jessup) have their motorbikes stolen, and Ben’s crazy heightened senses–he knows which direction the bikes took off in–lead them to a warehouse full of armed kids.

While the “Young Bloods” don’t want to have anything to do with the Resistance, they do need more supplies, and so they take Hal’s offer and meet 2nd Mass. That group of kids includes Jane, one of the daughters to Captain Weaver (Will Patton). Their reunion is heartbreaking and wonderful, but their gushing over missing each other doesn’t last long.

That’s because the leader of the young kids, Diego, is her boyfriend, and he’s determined to find the rest of the crew when the skidders attack their base and cart most of them off. Captain Weaver wants to establish a plan first, but Diego is worried they’ll be too late if they wait.

And Jane agrees with Diego, calling her dad the “same angry, control freak” her mom left before she died. The kids take off–with Matt in tow, wanting to prove himself again–and it becomes an even bigger rescue mission than before. That’s because half of them are immediately sent to the harness room, where they see one of their friends get a harness, which is an alien that slides down and attaches itself to his back.

Matt is there, and he’s pinned down to the table. In one of the most thrilling moments of Falling Skies season two to date, 2nd Mass blasts their way through the factory, and Tom saves his son in the nick of time. (Okay, so that’s a bit predictable, but it’s a tense moment nonetheless).

But just as they think they’ve killed the skidders in the room, Ben is drawn to the fish tank full of slithering aliens. He puts his hand to the glass. His spikes light up, just like they did last week. And he shoots the tank open so all the aliens are loose.

Captain Weaver saves Jane just in time. But then an alien attaches itself to his leg, and it’s his daughter’s turn to save him. They all manage to make it to the camp, other than the one sacrificial kid from earlier. But that’s ignored.

The show turns back to the family relationships, and that includes Hal worrying about Ben. Ben refuses to talk about his spikes, because he thinks everyone already sees him as someone dangerous. But you can be sure Hal will continue to keep a watchful eye out for his younger brother.

Matt of course makes up with Tom, even crawling into bed with him. But the same can’t be said for Jane and her dad. While they make amends, as the Captain slips into sleep, Jane departs and just leaves a note. She’s heading back to the kids, because she thinks they need her, just as 2nd Mass needs her dad.

What did you think of Falling Skies “Young Bloods”? Do you think Jane should have left 2nd Mass after finally reuniting with her dad?

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