‘Falling Skies’ Season Finale Recap: Ally or Enemy on ‘A More Perfect Union’?

In the Falling Skies season finale, “A More Perfect Union,” the rebel skidders are back, and they have a plan. But will General Bressler (Matt Frewer) trust the skidders like Ben (Connor Jessup) and Tom (Noah Wyle), and the rest of 2nd Mass, do? Not at all.

Bressler claims he’ll let 2nd Mass go on a mission that the rebel skidders say will destroy a weapon that the true enemies are building, but that’s far from the truth. Rather, Bressler has his men attack the skidders, and Ben is nearly killed in the process.

Still 2nd Mass is hard to deter, and with Ben’s knowledge of the underground caves and what the weapon looks like, this “Falling Skies” season finale is all about finding and destroying the weapon.

Falling Skies [COVER COMICBOOK]But that’s not all. Because if this show is about anything other than an alien invasion, it’s also about having hope. This time it comes in the form of Anne (Moon Bloodgood), who discovers she’s pregnant with Tom’s child.

Even so, she’s determined to be on the front lines too and doesn’t tell Tom about her pregnancy. Tector (Ryan Robbins) too quits Bressler’s army and joins Pope (Colin Cunningham) and the rest of the Beserkers. Of course, young Matt (Maxim Knight) stays behind, but Tom tells him it’s because he wants him to watch Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel).

So with the team in place, 2nd Mass heads underground into some very narrow spaces. When they encounter a wall, it’s no trouble at all, since Dai (Peter Shinkoda) built something to blow it up. Then, suddenly, they’re on the other side and face to face with the weapon. But why is it pointing to the sky? The aliens long ago destroyed the humans’ air fleet.

Before they can answer that question, 2nd Mass is attacked by skidders. Dai gets thrown across the cave, instantly dying after he hits the wall. 2nd Mass kills some aliens, but not enough, and the fighting ends once all of 2nd Mass is strung up by their arms, where Karen (Jessy Schram) can hurt them with her electrified stick.

She takes turns torturing all of them, claiming she’ll stop if they just tell them how they learned about the weapon. Yet no one will talk, least of all Hal (Drew Roy, whom Karen kisses, which causes him to pass out. But then Karen gets to Anne, realizes she’s pregnant, and tells an unwitting Tom.

Just as Tom is about to break his silence, 2nd Mass suddenly gets released, and all is chaos again. The remaining rebel skidders have come to save the day. The red eye leader even attacks the fish head overlord, thinking that if he’s gone, all the aliens’ military intelligence is gone too.

But red eye is slammed to the ground, stabbed, and it’s up to Tom to save the day. Ironically, and awesomely, he uses the stick that tortured him. After they blow up the weapon pointing to the sky with their C-4, the mission is accomplished. Or is it?

Hal seems to be just unconscious, but no one saw him sit up, nor did they see the bug crawling out of his eye and into his ear, causing him to creepily smile. Rather, everyone saw something completely different.

After an earthquake shook the Charleston compound, ships fell from the sky, and a whole new race of aliens stepped out. They look like machines, but in a human form. And the one greeting 2nd Mass and Charleston smiles.

But what does it all mean? Are the new aliens friend or foe? The enemy’s weapon had been pointing to the sky, but that doesn’t mean these new creatures will be friendly.

Yet, the answers won’t come until 2013, because that’s how the Falling Skies season finale “A More Perfect Union” ends.

What did you think of season two and all the twists and turns? And what do you think of the new aliens? Will it be more of the same — a lot of fighting — or something completely different in season three?

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