‘Falling Skies’ season premiere recap: Tom returns on ‘Worlds Apart’

When the Falling Skies season two premiere, “Worlds Apart,” opens, it’s three months since Tom (Noah Wyle) stepped onto the alien’s ship. From moment one, the episode is explosive as the team fights back skidders, just like in season one.

But after the fighting is done, Ben (Connor Jessup) isn’t done shooting. Ignoring orders from his brother Hal (Drew Roy), he ventures forward to kill another skidder, and he shoots his father Tom.

What has Tom Mason learned about the aliens?

The TNT season two premiere implies that Tom’s life is touch and go, but as the main character, he isn’t going anywhere. Rather, as he fights through the pain and starts recovering, he remembers his time on the ship.

Falling Skies at Comic-Con 2010“Oppression is in your nature,” one of the head aliens tells Tom through a harnessed Karen (Jessy Schram). That’s why they’re offering to imprison all humans in a camp, just like Nazi Germany, if only the humans surrender. But that’s not in Second Mass or Tom’s nature.

He fights back — and ends up released, along with a bunch of prisoners from other troops. But then the aliens start shooting, and only Tom is left standing. But why is Tom allowed to live and return, by trekking hundreds of miles back to Boston, to his family and people? That’s just one question, of many, that “Worlds Apart” poses.

Back at the Falling Skies Second Mass camp

Captain Weaver (Will Patton) isn’t sure what to do next, but he does discover that the aliens are now tracking them by following the heat of their engines. They solve that issue pretty quickly by using fiberglass.

What was really changing, and important, at Second Mass was how the dynamics were changing between people, especially the Mason boys. Ben isn’t keen on following orders from Hal, even teaching a young Matt (Maxim Knight) how to use a gun (which does come in handy in the second hour of the premiere, “Shall We Gather At The River.”)

Hal thinks he doesn’t know his brother anymore, and that’s just the beginning of the storyline, as Ben is still clearly being affected by his old harness.

But it all comes back to Tom. As the camp moves out as skidders move in, Tom can’t be moved quite yet, as something is going on that is stopping him from getting better. While four volunteers stand by to watch out for Tom, Dr. Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) pulls something from Tom’s chest, and suddenly the lookout aliens walk right on by, suggesting that Tom had a tracker in him. That doesn’t mean everyone trusts Tom. Pope (Colin Cunningham) wants to know why the aliens let him go.

For now, Tom Mason is back for Falling Skies season two, and he’s clearly not giving up without a fight. That fight continues with part two of the season premiere, “Shall We Gather At The River.”

What did you think of the first episode of the premiere on TNT?

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