False memory syndrome. The marriage edition.

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This time it was my wife who crammed her cute little size six and half foot in her mouth. At dinner I'd asked her about some club in a nearby city we'd gone to when we were dating. She mentioned the name of another place she thought we'd gone as well and I claimed not to remember. To jog my memory she included more and more detail about the place. As she did so, it became apparent to me that I had never been there. She had me confused with someone else. (I'm sure he was a great guy)

Ever done that? It didn't make me mad, I thought it was funny. I've done it to her before. The thing is, once you start digging yourself in this hole it never dawns on you to shut up and talk about something else. You invariably go into more and more detail about the event they were not present at with a fervent desire to convert them to the belief they were there. Ha ha.

Though I smiled and said "Doesn't ring a bell." and  "I don't think I've ever been there." she couldn't stop herself from trying to persuade me. I finally got through with- "I realize the time between your divorce and the time we started going out must have been a dizzying blur of flesh and frolic. But you have me confused with someone else. "  She reluctantly accepted her mistake. Its always awkward when you figure it out.

In one of my blundering errant memories, I went as far as to describe the unique dress I remembered her wearing on a date we'd never been on. "I've never owned anything like that." Doh! I've fell back on pseudo psych to excuse myself "I must have had a good time. That explains it. The area of my memory where pleasant associations reside is so overwritten with thoughts of you that anything fun has your face on it." Its a lame excuse but the best one I've got.

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