False Michelle Obama Pregnancy Rumors Run Rampant

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As much as many people would love to hear that Michelle Obama is pregnant, a new story circulating with the tale is completely false. Gossip Cop is setting the record straight after the site Weekly World News started the rumor up once again. Supporters of President Obama and The First Lady may wish this one was true, but it is completely fabricated.

According to Gossip Cop, the Weekly World News said, “The White House announced that Michelle Obama is pregnant with the couple’s third child.” The site even added little tidbits enhancing the story, such as the fact that she was about two months pregnant and that the President was “ecstatic.” While it sounds like great news, and this isn’t the first time rumors have spread, it is completely false. Gossip Cop shares that the White House has made no such announcement.

The First Family has said that their family is complete, but that doesn’t mean sites don’t stir up the story once in a while to try to drum up buzz. While the story that Michelle Obama is pregnant is false, it is apparently spreading across social media sites as the truth anyway. While a good bump watch is always fun, people are wasting their time with this one.

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