Famed "Cheers" Tavern Lays Off Bartender of 35 years

The only reason I noticed this story is because I used to enjoy the program Cheers once upon a time.  The earlier episodes are still cute but since they air the reruns night after night, I’ve gotten tired of them.  I can only watch that kind of thing so much.

But I thought you guys might like to see the story in case you are big fans of the show.  I do think it’s sad that the man was laid off after 35 years.  I mean, unless you are closing the bar, I would think that he’s a fixture that a lot of people come to see and laying him off is like cutting off part of the draw of the bar.  I don’t visit bars since I don’t drink alcohol but, as a business woman, I don’t think it’s wise to lay off part of what people come to the bar for.  That’s just my take at least.

Anyway, here’s the link to the story.

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