Family Attends Lindsay Lohan Playboy Shoot

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Although the Lindsay Lohan Playboy shoot has not been confirmed by Playboy, there are many reports that the shoot has already happened. And, the news that is coming out about the shoot is shocking!

First, it is rumored that Lindsay will be baring all for the shoot. No longer will she do the kind of nude that she has done in the past (think Machete), but rather will show all for Playboy.

Second, her mother, Dina Lohan, said, “The photo shoot went well.”

How would Dina know? Well, reportedly she was present during the shoot. Not only was Lindsay’s mother there, but also her little sister. Her 17-year-old sister, Ali Lohan.

It’s one thing for Lindsay’s family to be supportive of her and all of her endeavors (whatever they may be), but to attend the actual shoot? Dina being there is slightly understandable, but Ali?

Ali Lohan currently has a budding career in modeling and is doing very well, creating a name for herself without having to ride Lindsay’s coattails. But, was it really appropriate for her, a minor, to be in attendance at a nude photo shoot?

She is Lindsay’s sister and assuming the two are close, Lindsay may have just wanted her there for moral support. Still, it seems a little strange.

Do you think it was a good idea for Lindsay to have her family at her photo shoot?

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