Family Vacation 2009 – The Flight and the Hotel (part 1) a photo essay by Kimber L.

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Well, we just returned from a 4 day Disney Bahamian Cruise aboard the Disney Wonder and it was WONDERFUL!!! My inlaws took us on this vacation to celebrate my Mother-In-Law’s birthday as well as their 40th wedding anniversary.  THANK YOU to them for such a generous gesture.  I am going to share our experience with you from start to finish in a series of photo essays.

Our vacation started July 18th.  Our family decided to fly down to Florida the day before the cruise in case there were any issues with the flight.   We got to the airport early – leaving lots of extra time for parking because it was the day of the Dayton Air Show.  We did our online checkin the night before so we already had our boarding passes and clearing security was a breeze so we ended up sitting and reading (kids played video games) until they boarded our flight. 

We boarded the flight excited to get started on our vacation.  A few minutes later they announced they needed us to switch planes.  (I haven’t flown in over 20 years so this freaked me out just a little bit).  We grabbed all our carry ons and deboarded to reboard another plane one gate over.  As we were exiting the first plane we found out the reason for the change was the wheels on the first one were locked up and not working.  A random maintenance man said to us “Thank you for your patience” to which we replied “Thank you for putting us on a plane that works.” LOL 

It was Lily’s first time ever to fly.  I got a big kick out of watching her reactions as the plane took off and landed, as well as how cool it looked when we were in the air above the clouds.  She really enjoyed it.  We were lucky in that both kids were able to have window seats.   She behaved on the plane reading and doing word search puzzles.  She opted not to have an in flight drink (soda or water) as she was terrified it would spill and ruin her puzzle book.

We made it from Dayton Ohio to North Carolina where we met our connecting flight.  With only a half hour between flights we had to run across the airport to get to the gate we needed.  We met up with the rest of the family there.  My brother in law and his family had the same connecting flight!

Finally we made it safely to Orlando airport.  Our hotel was right there in the airport.  WE stayed at the Orlando Airport Hyatt Regency Hotel.  I really enjoyed the hotel and the hotel pool.  IT was a nice place for a stopover on the way to where we were going!  Below are some photos from the hotel and the hotel pool.  It is early evening in these photos so the sky looks a little gray but it was so warm and the weather was so NICE!! It was wonderful.


Here is the family walking out to the pool…

I love the fountains on the pool…


I thought the pool and the area by it were both very beautiful!

Hi Dzia Dzia

Hi Nana

My sweetie waiting for me in the water!

Matt and the kids having some fun….the kids wanted to practice with their snorkle gear before actually going snorkling.



Another shot of the nice area by the pool..

More family – Matt’s brother, sister in law and their kids come out to join us… I don’t see Gretchen in this one…

Here is Gretchen..

 Gretchen and Cooper try out their snorkle gear too!

Greg and Amanda

Love this happy shot of Nana

I also love this shot of me and Matt together

I Loved the view from the rooftop swimming area…

The chandeliers in the lobby were nice too

Our room was pretty nice

I have no idea why Matt took a photo of the bathroom!

I LOVE DISNEY – when we checked out of our room we left our bags in the room locked up and the Disney people came around and collected them and took them to our room on the boat for us!!!!!!!!!

Also wanted to mention our first night in Orlando we ate dinner at the Macaroni Bar and Grill at the Orlando Airport and the food was FANSTASTIC!!!!!! 

Another random bit – here is a shot from the window you see when you step off the hotel elevator onto the 7th floor… yes that is a runway with a plane taking off!!

 Thank you for viewing part one of my vacation photo essays!


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