Family Wins $109 Million for Wrongful Death Case

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A Pennsylvania family just won $109 million in court after a wife and mother was electrocuted outside of her home when a power line fell on her. Carrie Goretzkaactually had to wait for 20 minutes before utility crews shut off the power and died three days later in a hospital. The poor lady had to endure so much pain before she passed away because workers at the power company were so incompetent.

This horrible tragedy happened more than three years ago and Goretzka’s mother-in-law and two daughters had to watch the entire thing. Imagine how horrified they were. “We were in disbelief. You see these things like this on TV and you read about them in the paper see it on the news, but when it happens you can’t believe this is your family that it happened to,” Goretzka’s brother-in-law, Chuck Goretzka, said.

Goretzka’s husband, Michael Goretzka, hired an attorney to sue the company and he claimed in court that the workers weren’t trained to clean the power lines properly before they were spliced. Shanin Specter, the family’s lawyer, admitted that he’s very happy with the verdict but that he’s still very concerned about the public safety issue of First Energy’s power lines falling.

It’s great that the family won so much money and they definitely deserved it, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Goretzka died in such a horrible way. Her husband lost a wife and her kids lost a mother who they will never get back. The power company should feel ashamed to have such inept workers because they cost a woman her life.

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