Family Wins Google Street View Trespassing Case and Gets $1

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A Pennsylvania family wasn’t happy about photos of their home appearing on Google Street View and they filed a lawsuit. They argued that because their home sits on a road clearly marked “Private Road”, Google was trespassing when it obtained the Street View images. The good news for Aaron and Christine Boring is that a federal judge has found in their favor on the trespassing charge. The bad news is that the judge awarded them only $1 in damages.

One Dollar Bill The Borings have put a lot of time and effort into this case. They filed the initial lawsuit claiming that their privacy had been violated back in 2008, and, in 2009, a court threw out most of their claims. They appealed to the Supreme Court and were turned down there as well. Now they have their victory and Google will give them a dollar. According to The Associated Press, both sides will pay their own attorney fees. All of those attorney fees puts the Borings in the red. The Boring’s attorney says the family is happy at having made its point but you certainly have to wonder if they are saying that through clenched teeth and you might also wonder why a family so concerned about their privacy would get involved in such a high profile case.

Are you concerned about Google Street View? Do you think it’s an invasion of your privacy?

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