Fans Accuse Jenelle Evans of Smoking Cigarettes Based On New Instagram Photo, Sources Speak Out

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Jenelle Evans has received a lot of backlash since she announced that she was pregnant.  Fans believe that she shouldn’t be pregnant when she doesn’t even have custody of her son, Jace. Jenelle recently announced that she is on her way to regaining custody of Jace, so one would think that fans would lighten up, but it’s one thing after another.

Jenelle posted an Instagram photo of all of her school supplies, but hidden in between books was a pack of Newports.

Immediately fans started accusing Jenelle of smoking.  

“Lovely to see that you are choking out your unborn baby one Newport Menthol at a time,” one fan told Jenelle.

A source that claims to be close to Jenelle spoke out and says that she hasn’t stopped smoking, but another was firm in their statement that Jenelle has “not smoking during her pregnancy.”

Jenelle has quit all of the hard drugs and it seems like she is doing well in her life. If she was a “normal” person, fans wouldn’t be so quick to judge and call her out. Smoking is a hard habit to kick, so maybe she has had a cigarette or two, which isn’t ideal or good for a pregnancy, but isn’t fatal. If she is smoking, she has most likely discussed these issues with her doctor.

As of right now, there’s no prove that Jenelle has been smoking until a photograph surfaces of her actually doing it.  Until then, nobody can judge.

Image Source: Radar Onilne

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