Fans Don’t Care if Kim Kardashian Losing Her Hair Due to Stress

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Kim Kardashian was recently spotted in an airport heading to Paris for the Fashion Week show her long-time friend and supposedly one-time lover Kanye West put on. When she arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, a photographer captured a picture of her and it seems that her hair is thinning a bit. In fact, it seems as if she has lost a big chunk of hair right near her hairline.

Wetpaint Entertainment describes Kim’s missing hair as a “noticeable semi-bald patch.” Sure, it may be thinning hair or it may be her hair suffering some her treatments, but it could also be related to stress. Kim Kardashian is still facing the troubles of her short marriage, a marriage she is surely regretting now. The fact that she could lose millions if Kris Humphries can prove fraud in court is surely getting her worried.

However, it seems that fans don’t care too much about Kim and her supposed hair loss. According to a poll, 41.87 percent of readers don’t care if Kim is losing her hair or if she is stressed out. 39.16 percent jumps to her defense, explaining that the bald patch is just how her hair grows. But 18.98 percent of readers believe Kim needs to treat her scalp better.

Do you think it looks like she is balding? Click here to see the picture.

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