Fans of ‘Real Housewives’ Want Lisa Wu to Return to Atlanta

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta women have seen their changes in cast members over the past few seasons and while some women leave because fans were less than impressed with them, it seems that one woman left due to ‘creative differences’ despite fans loving her. Atlanta housewife Lisa Wu Hartwell left because she felt the show was ‘too scripted’ but fans would actually prefer to see her back on the show due to the drama she went through after she left the show behind.

According to a Wetpaint Entertainment poll, 92.86% of fans would love to see Lisa back on the show because she was clearly a favorite. A mere 7.14% thought she was boring, but at the time she was on the show, she was also dealing with trying to have a child and adjusting to life with an injured NFL husband. However, after Lisa left The Real Housewives of Atlanta she got caught up in some financial troubles with her husband, forcing them to file for bankruptcy. In addition to that, the couple that seemed so happy on the show decided to separate, eventually working out the details of their divorce in October 2011.

Since leaving the show, Lisa has been working as an actress and actually landing some pretty good gigs. She would be an interesting addition to the current cast, given the women are so divided. And surely, she would fit right in with the ‘smalls’ as she seems like a fun and outgoing girl, compared to the stuck up and materialistic Marlo, NeNe, and Cynthia.

Would you want to see Lisa back on the show?

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