Fans of ‘The Hunger Games’ books should be happy with the movie

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It’s not uncommon for a book to be made into a movie, and one of the most highly anticipated films coming out is based on the popular Hunger Games books. However, there is also some concern about how the book-based movie will turn out. Will it honor the book?

The Hunger Games movie

After the trailer was released, and generally well received by many, there have been questions about how everyone will react when the movie comes out. Jacqueline Emerson (District 5 tribute Foxface) told E! Online, “It is very true to the book.” That’s certainly good news to the fans, who unsurprisingly have some concerns. However, Emerson is ready to address those concerns and put them to rest, as she went on to say, “I was actually a huge fan of the books beforehand. I had to read it over the summer for school…We even did a day of Hunger Games at my school just a week before I got cast and my district won the games that we played!” Hopefully she’s right and when the Hunger Games movie comes out, fans will be pleased with the final product.

Emerson also mentioned that “nobody got hurt” on set, which is a bit surprising considering the premise of the story. It is filled with action, but it sounds like everyone was lucky. It’s become somewhat common for injuries to occur on movie sets, even if it’s not a dangerous movie, but Emerson said, “it was so safe.” That’s good news for the cast!

Are you looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games? Are you a fan of the books?

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