Fans walk out on Whitney Houston concert in Australia

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A concert in Sydney, Australia last night had many fans walk out on Whitney Houston during her performance.  The concert is part of Whitney’s ongoing “Nothing But Love Tour”, and is her first tour in 22 years.  Just a few days ago Houston performed in Brisbane, where she was also criticized for putting on a less than stellar show.  Whitney’s publicist responded to the backlash and gossip that Houston may be experiencing some health problems which are causing the dismal performances.

Houston’s rep Kristen Foster said:

”Whitney is in great health and having a terrific time on her tour and with her fans.  Her fans were dancing and singing along with her and Whitney appreciates their support.”

Some of the unhappy fans who gave comment after the show said it was “the worst concert” they’d been to in their life, or that Houston “couldn’t entertain a dead rat”.  MTV reported that the singer sounded “winded and hoarse” requiring several breaks.  It was also reported that at one point Houston’s background singers took over as Whitney rested.  Other reviewers noted that Houston seemed disoriented, even slipping up when trying to name members of her on-stage band.

On this coming Saturday, Whitney Houston is set to perform another show, this time at the Hope Estate Winery in Hunter Valley, Australia.  Already fans have been calling to either request refunds or ask if the show will even go on after hearing about Houston’s other two events.  They’ve been assured that so far the concert is scheduled to go forth.  However, will fans walk out on Whitney Houston again, or will the R&B diva bounce back for her next gig?  Stay tuned.

View Atlanta-Journal Constitution video clip of a recent Whitney show.

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