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Shimmering from the wax of the moon

I saw shadows playing on the water below

Dreamily I lie on the sand so content

Even though I knew it was soon time to go

I drifted off into a blissful sleep

Dreams filled my mind feeling sun on my hand

I awoke to see stars shining brightly

Time passes quickly in dreamland

My heart gave a jump, for I was late

The scent of cloves came out of nowhere

My mind was swimming with distress

As I promised him I would be there

I hurried and ran as fast as I could

To our special meeting place

And there he stood, so handsome and tall

His blue eyes enhancing the smile on his face

Oh how I remember those wonderful days

The days of pure happiness

When we were together and so in love

I know then and now I am blessed




here are books, movies, plays, and lots of TV Shows that take us out of this world.

Write me an essay, story, screen play or poem that takes us out of this world.

You can come up with a real time NASA launch, a dream, or even fantasy.

MonWe, 2,24,14.  Dream on Monday, Out of this World Challenge




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