FARC Leader Alfonso Cano is Dead

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FARC leader Alfonso Cano died in a military operation in Columbia on Friday. Today the president of Columbia, Juan Manuel Santos, confirmed his death and stated that the demise of the rebel leader was expected to deal an overwhelming blow to the organization. Cano had been a member of the rebellion for 33 years and was the group’s main political figure and a despised terrorist.

While many believe Cano’s death is good for the Columbian people, FARC is not going away just yet, which leaves many uneasy. The group has been fighting the Columbian government since the 1960s and continues to carry out kidnappings and murders throughout Columbia. The United States and the United Nations considers FARC a terrorist organization.

Forces on the ground in Columbia have reported that Cano was found by authorities because of tips from people within his camp. Cano’s chief of security was captured by Columbian authorities while his communications chief and a female friend where killed during the operation.

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