Fariba Amani Missing off Cruise Ship; Frustration Mounting in Case

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Fariba Amani vanished while on a Bahamas Celebration cruise ship sometime last week and nothing but tension seems to be definitive in the case. Between the woman’s family and the boyfriend who reported her missing, it seems that this investigation is going to be interesting to say the least.

Fariba Amani was not a drinker and her family says it is highly unlikely she fell overboard.

The missing woman’s boyfriend has finally spoken to the media after several days have passed. With Fariba Amani still missing, and little details presenting clues to her whereabouts or what happened to her, the speculation is thick in this case. The 47-year-old Port Moody woman disappeared while on a cruise ship traveling from the Bahamas to Florida. It was around 1:00 in the morning on February 29, 2012 when Ramiz Golshani had last seen her. He claims to have gone to sleep while she was still out and about enjoying her night, but when he woke up the following morning she was not there. He reported her missing by 8:00 that morning.

Ramiz Galshani claims that he has been silent these past several days because he has been in a state of emotional turmoil. He said to sources:

“You don’t know what happened to me over the last week. I haven’t even slept for 10 hours in one week. Last week, at this time, we were sitting and watching a comedy show on the ship. Two hours after this, she was missing. I am missing a loved one – both families love her. We want her safe back home right now.”

On the other hand, Fariba’s family aren’t too trusting of what Ramiz is saying. The story coming from their end indicates that the 47-year-old was a naive and trusting woman who was in a troubled relationship with Galshani. A private investigator with the family’s side claims that the woman sought him out at one point to investigate a cheating boyfriend. He says that she contacted him worried about what he’d do to her if he discovered that he was being investigated.

An employee of the cruise line says that the morning Fariba was reported missing, her 46-year-old boyfriend wandered around the ship for a while before he decided to even tell anyone she was missing. This was, of course, after he woke to find that she’d been out all night. While to some this may seem like strange behavior, he could’ve simply been confused and searching for her. That in and of itself doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary.

Fariba Amani is reportedly presumed dead, lost at sea, but it’s still important to hold on to hope that the truth about what happened to her will eventually be revealed. Was she the victim of a domestic dispute turned fatal? Was she harmed by another passenger or even an employee of the cruise line? Could she have gotten drunk and fallen overboard accidentally? Anything is possible.

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