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I will be doing my regular farmers market feature article for the Hawai’i HomeGrown Food Network, but the following photos will not be in it.

Photo: multicolored carrots


The Kekela Farmers Market is unique in that it is open twice a week, Tuesday and Friday afternoons and it is located on the farm grounds itself.

Photo – Carrots

Most everything they sell is grown on the farm, except for some fruit that don’t grow well at their elevation and climate (avocado, citrus, coconut, mango, etc) and some value added food products (coffee, vanilla beans, honey, etc)

Photo – Gold and white cauliflowers

Their produce is so gorgeous I had to take time to just photograph it

Photo – Fennel bulbs

The farm grows about 30 different veggies and about 100 varieities within the 30.

Paul Johnston was an OB-GYN in his pre-Hawai’i days when he lived on the mainland East Coast and worked at it also in his first few years in Hawaii.  At first their farm sold all the produce through another farmer and then when the farm started really taking off they decided to concentrate only on the farm.

Above two photos – multicolored lettuces

Now they sell at their own farm stand; at the Waimea Town Market @ Parker School  -see link for feature below –  and to several of the resort hotels for use in their restaurants.

Photo – Beet greens

Here is a video that shows the beautiful farm – Kekela Farm

Waimea Town Market – Parker School

Photo – Multocolored beets

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Photo – Broccoli


Photo – Purple and regular kohlrabi

Photo – Scallions

(c) Sonia R. Martinez


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