FarmVille Celebrates its First Anniversary

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Zynga’s FarmVille, the game millions love, and millions love to hate, celebrated its one year anniversary on Thursday. Known for its great time-wasting capabilities and tendency to tick off one’s Facebook friends with endless wall posts about needing another board for one’s barn or kibble for one’s puppy, Zynga’s FarmVille transcends comprehension. Why do people love to farm on a fake farm on the internet, even to the point of “addiction.”*

Regardless of the “why,” over 24 million people are “fans” (or likers (?) with Facebook’s change from “fan” to “like”) of the farming game.

So how are FarmVillians celebrating the momentous occasion? According to the FarmVille blog, virtual farmers will celebrate with “Limited EditionJapanese and Island themed items, along with new flags and a very special Cupcake Crop!” Yay! A cupcake crop!!

I’ve never played FarmVille. I’ve been able to resist the temptation. I do have friends and family members who have succumbed to the craze; but I won’t out them here. (Even though they’re too busy farming a row of cupcakes to pay attention.)


* Appparently, Dr. Phil even had an episode about a woman who is “addicted” to FarmVille.

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