Farrah Abraham Admits: Being a Single Mom is Hard

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The girls of Teen Mom have made a living on showing girls how hard it is to be a young (usually single) parent. Although the original girls are no longer really struggling, they are still showing girls how hard being a mom can really be!

Farrah Abraham has grown up the most out of all of the girls on the show. While she wasn’t always a doting mother to Sophia, she has stepped up to be the mother that the little girl deserves. Although it may appear that Farrah has everything in order, she admits that being a single mom is still hard!

While Teen Mom was airing on the East Coast, Farrah tweeted, “It’s hard being a single parent, uhh double the work some days:(“

Of course, Farrah was likely referring to her new living situation. Rather than continue to live in Iowa, she and Sophia moved to Miami, Florida. While it has obviously had its perks, Farrah Abraham has found herself alone, no longer having her family around to help. At least when her parents were around to help, she didn’t have to do everything on her own, but now she finds herself playing the role of both mother and father.

Although she and her mother have never exactly gotten along, the Teen Mom still finds humor in watching it all play out, tweeting, “Lol I love my mom and I’s relationship , so entertaining , tough love”

Obviously, MTV doesn’t show every little thing that goes on with the girls and edits some things out for drama. Perhaps things aren’t really as bad with Farrah and her parents as they seem to be, but there is no doubt that being a teen parent is hard, with or without the help.

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