Farrah Abraham Comments on Jenelle Evans’s Arrest?

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Farrah Abraham has dealt with her fair share of drama in the press lately, but earlier this morning it was another troubled star who she chose to speak about. While Farrah didn’t clarify who she spoke of, it seems clear that she has addressed Jenelle Evans’s recent heroin arrest.

“I’m happy I’m working instead of partying because that stuff gets you in trouble,” Farrah told her fans on Keek in the wee hours of the morning. “I learned a lot yesterday and I think it’s really important that right now we support other young women who are in the news and just really try to lift them up with all their hardships going on publicly, because that is hard to deal with.” And Farrah would know! But it’s strange to see her seemingly send her well-wishes to someone who has so openly bashed her recently for her sex tape scandal and even questioned her parenting. Jenelle has tweeted several not-so–nice things about Farrah but she’s taking the high road. Or maybe she just doesn’t know about Jenelle’s bashing.

Farrah is currently in Los Angeles negotiating plans for her sex tape sale which is sure to cause her all sorts of drama as far as press goes. But yet she is still worried about others. Is she being kind or just delusional about her own issues?

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