Farrah Abraham Dishes on Her Plastic Surgery

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Farrah Abraham has been making headlines lately after having $16,000 worth of plastic surgery done to her face. There were a few mixed reactions from critics and fans, especially considering this isn’t the first time she’s gone under the knife. Just last year, she also got a breast augmentation—and she’s just 21 years old. Recently, the Teen Mom star opened up to Us Weekly about why she did it.

“I waited a lot of years, and I dealt with a lot of criticism about certain things on my face, and once I turned 21, I still felt that I wanted to change that, so I did,” Farrah explained. “I’m done with thinking about [it] and I don’t have to think about my face. I just put makeup on, or not, and I go.” While it sounds like she is saying that she basically did it because of some negative comments from others, she insists that it had nothing to do with her own self-esteem.

“I’ve always been confident,” she claims. “[People’s comments were] just something that annoyed me.” To spend $16,000 because of some annoying comments seems a bit odd. Does it really make sense that she’d make such drastic changes to herself just to please other people and make them stop complaining? That’s hard to believe.

Hopefully, whatever it was that made her do it is now solved and she can go on living her life as the beautiful woman she is.

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