Farrah Abraham Focusing on Church

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Farrah Abraham has been through a lot. Not only was she 16 & Pregnant, but she also had to deal with the father of her baby passing away before she gave birth. In order to cope with the emotions, Farrah has admitted to turning to drugs and partying. Of course, she isn’t the only teenager to experience these things, but since she allowed her life to be chronicled on the hit MTV show Teen Mom, she has faced harsh criticism for her choices.

However, Farrah is finding a way to move on from all the negatives in her life and recently revealed how saying, “Other people don’t have my best interest in mind. I am more about my church community now, and I definitely like to hang out with people who I go to church with who do not judge me and who know I’ve been through a lot. Hopefully, those rumors of drugs and rumors of me not being a good mom disappear, because that is not really what I am about.”

Aside from openly admitting that she used drugs in the past, Austin Mathouser slammed the Teen Mom for allegedly using Xanax the night the two hung out. Austin had won a contest that allowed her to spend Farrah’s birthday with her and it looks like she ruined it for the rest of Farrah’s fans. It is unlikely that she will have that kind of a contest again, especially considering Farrah says she only had good intentions about the night.

Church is certainly a good place for Farrah Abraham to turn. Hopefully, it will help her to meet some genuine people and also help her personally. It seems that Farrah has been focusing a lot on the fame aspect of her life and it’s great to see her focusing on something else for a change.

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