Farrah Abraham Happy to Be Done with ‘Teen Mom’

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After four years, Teen Mom is coming to an end! Fans are sad that, next week, they will be saying good-bye to Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Farrah Abraham, but one of the girls is glad that the show is over!

In an interview with Mom Finds, Farrah said, “I’m happy to be done with Teen Mom. I hope many teens have learned from my story, and my fans can continue to watch Sophia and I grow up past Teen Mom in our future projects.”

It isn’t too hard to believe that Farrah is ready to move past the reality show that made her famous. Lately, she has been working on a lot of projects, many of which she may not have had the opportunity to pursue without her MTV exposure. Not only is she trying her hand at modeling, but also singing. In between those endeavors, she has also released a pasta sauce, wrote a book, signed up for Dial-A-Star, and is rumored to have landed a role in a children’s movie. It seems that she certainly has a lot on her plate, but she is probably getting a lot more done now that the MTV cameras aren’t following her around.

On the latest episode, cameras were there to catch Sophia hitting her mom. This is something that a lot of parents experience, but everyone handles it differently. In Farrah Abraham’s case, she handled the situation by laughing. Parents know that the easiest way to instigate a child is to laugh (essentially giving their approval) and the behavior will continue.

However, Farrah justifies her way of handling it by saying, “Well, no one knows my child better than me. I know that Sophia likes to randomly smack because she thinks it’s funny, and I personally think it’s funny, as well. She’s my sweet sour patch kid.”

It seems that, after that, Farrah is definitely happy that the camera’s won’t be there to catch any more moments like that!

Are you surprised that Farrah is happy to move on from Teen Mom? Do you agree with her way of handling Sophia’s hitting?

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