Farrah Abraham: Listen to Her Entire Album (If You Dare)

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Farrah Abraham is a lot of things: Teen Mom, cook, model, businesswoman, but singer is just not one of them.

Despite not having the best singing voice, Farrah released an entire album to accompany her memoir My Teenage Dream Ended. The first single, Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom has received less than great reviews, but she has hope that the other songs will be great. You don’t have to take Farrah’s word for it, though, you can listen to the whole album and decide for yourself.

On Sunday, Farrah tweeted a link to her album that fans can purchase on iTunes. Some of the song titles include After Prom, Caught In the Act, and The Sunshine State. Unfortunately, the songs all sound incredibly similar to the single that fans have already heard. Each song seems to have that same weird techno beat and it is impossible to understand anything that Farrah Abraham is saying.

She has admitted that recording the album was therapeutic for her and there is no doubt that is true. Everyone has their own ways of venting their emotions and both writing and singing are good ways to let out those feelings. While Farrah’s book seems like it will be a page turner (she has released a few chapters and admits to past drug use), the accompanying soundtrack is not that good.

Many people have tried to tell Farrah that the songs aren’t that good, but she seems to have a hard time taking the criticism. There is no doubt that the Teen Mom is talented, just not in the vocal department.

What do you think of her album?

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