Farrah Abraham Plans For A Return To Television

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Farrah Abraham may be saying goodbye to Teen Mom later tonight, but she’s not ready to leave television all together. In fact, she’s in talks to return sooner rather later but this time around, she won’t be documenting her life as a young mommy. Farrah will be focusing on her career!

In a new interview, Farrah tells Celebuzz, “I definitely want to start on my own digital media platform. So, like my YouTube channel and I’ve been messing around with some things on there.” She adds, “Then, moving on to Food Network, Cooking Channel and maybe WE network. I think that’s the best place for me moving forward.”

Farrah has always expressed her culinary interests and although she also wants to model and act, that is where her priorities lie. Teen Mom fans are going to miss all four girls so they’d be thrilled to see Farrah and the rest of the girls back on television — no matter what they’re doing!

“I think right now is the time of my life when I can experience, try different things and find the best niche for my career,” Farrah explains. “I know in my future I want to do more books, open my own restaurant and hopefully have other TV shows.”

To bid Farrah Abraham farewell on Teen Mom, tune in tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

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