Farrah Abraham Sex Tape for Sale

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Farrah Abraham has hit an all new low. After a messy DUI that and odd explanation that had fans questioning Farrah’s character, Farrah seemed to be heading in the wrong direction—and she was. Early this morning, reports surfaced that the Teen Mom star now has a sex tape circulating on the web, looking for a buyer.

According to TMZ sources who have seen the tape, Farrah and one man, who may or may not be one of her exes, star in the 30 minute film—which they say is recent. Whomever shot the tape has shown it to a few of the biggest porn distributors and hopes to come to a deal soon which mean Farrah may soon be put on display. The news is shocking considering that always seemed to be so prude and straight-edged—definitely not the sex tape type.

This is really going to ruin Farrah’s reputation and while it’s definitely a sad thing for her, it almost feels like karma is catching up to her for her DUI. Farrah was driving under the influence near a group of bars where lots of people were certainly walking but she says she did nothing wrong.

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