Farrah Abraham Speaks Out About Alleged Sex Tape

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On Monday, it was revealed that a sex tape allegedly featuring Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was being shopped around. This isn’t the first time the elusive sex tape was said to exist, either.

Awhile back, Farrah had her Twitter hacked by an ex-boyfriend who made some rude remarks and unfollowed everyone the reality star was following. However, the worst part was when he posted pictures of a woman in a sexual act, claiming it was Farrah. Since the woman’s face was not shown, not many believed it was the Teen Mom star, but know some are second guessing that, especially after hearing her speak out about the alleged tape.

TMZ caught up with Farrah who spent the weekend shopping in L.A. They approached her and asked her about the tape, which immediately got her tongue-tied.

It seems she was caught of guard and, when asked, she responded, “I don’t … exist … anything about that.”

The TMZ tape is roughly 1:38 long and shows Farrah go from adamantly denying any tape, to saying, “If I have my own personal stuff, that’s my own personal thing and if someone tried to be rude or, like, just get at me then my lawyer will take care of that.”

She also says that it would me “F***ed up,” for someone to do that to her and, honestly, she is right. Even after the man behind the camera suggested that a sex tape would be a good way for Farrah Abraham to jump start her career (like other reality stars have done), the former Teen Mom seemed down right offended. Farrah has worked hard to make a name for herself by writing books, cooking, and many of her other projects. It is obvious that she doesn’t want the added attention that a sex tape could potentially bring.

Some may suggest that Farrah’s defensive attitude towards the end of the TMZ proves that the sex tape is real. The reality show star is going through a lot these days and may have just felt bombarded by the accusation. Nevertheless, if it does exist, Farrah is right by saying that her personal things should remain personal. If she were doing these things solely for media attention, the lingerie partying photos that were taken back in January would have leaked much earlier than they did.

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