Farrah Abraham Still Feuding With Derek Underwood’s Mother

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Farrah Abraham has one of the most tragic stories of Teen Mom. Shortly after becoming pregnant with her daughter Sophia, she and her boyfriend Derek Underwood split and just one month prior to giving birth, Farrah lost Derek in a tragic car accident. Although Farrah does what she can to keep his memory in Sophia’s life, him not being around will always be hard for them both.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been made any easier by Derek’s mother, Stormie Clark. In the years since Derek’s death, Farrah has called him immature and thoughtless but as she admitted in her new memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, she never even told Derek he was the father of her baby, which has Stormie furious.

What Farrah does admit to is her and Derek’s non-stop fighting including screaming matches on the phone which fans saw on her episode of 16 & Pregnant. She even claims that Derek and her dad got into a physical altercation, leading to her father Michael’s arrest.

Stormie is now defending her son in a new interview. “Derek loved Farrah,” Stormie told OK! Magazine. “He would have never laid a hand on her. They argued just like any normal teenage couple, but he was not the person that she is portraying him to be.”

Teen Mom fans watched as Sophia met with Derek’s sister and also his father, but his mother just never came around. “This feud stems from when Farrah was dating Derek,” a source told the magazine. “She and Stormie did not get along, because according to his mother, Farrah was abusive to Derek and rude to his family.”

It’s a shame that Farrah and Stormie can’t put their differences aside for Sophia’s sake, especially now that she and Sophia have returned to Omaha, Nebraska. It would be good for her to have a relationship with her father’s side of the family.

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