Farrah Abraham Talks To South Carolina Teens About Pregnancy

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Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom recently spoke with a group of teenagers in South Carolina. She was in town to educate teens on how pregnancy changed her life and how important it is to understand how much having sex can change your life.

“I want people to see (how) my relationships have changed and how I have changed,” she told teens. Farrah had an especially hard situation when she became pregnant. Just months later, she and her boyfriend, Derek Underwood, split up and just one month before her daughter was born, he died in a car accident.

Farrah also informed teens about how she became pregnant—and reveals that it wasn’t at all for the right reasons. “I ended up having sex at my first prom and I was completely against it until I got married, but my boyfriend was saying the right words and was talking about how perfect the night was, and I made a mistake.”

The world could use more Farrah’s. Although she may not be the most beloved of all reality stars, she has good intentions and she’s using her platform for good. Teen pregnancy is an epidemic and anyone who can shed light on the issue is helping.

Farrah encourages teens to understand tha magnitude of sex and make better choices. Any teen that has gotten pregnant knows how life changing it is. Even though they may love their child, it doesn’t change the fact that it would have been much easier if he or she had come later in life.

For more of Farrah Abraham and her struggles, tune in to Teen Mom‘s final to episodes on August 21 and August 28.

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