Farrah Abraham: ‘Teen Mom’ Has No Friends!?

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Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant star Farrah Abraham has lived a good chunk of her life in front of a camera. While she has had plenty of attention, one thing that she claims to have missing in her life are true friends.

To some, Farrah having now female friends her own age is a real issue for the young, single mother. It is one thing to have support from her family, but to have a couple of girlfriends to get a little support from would probably be a welcome blessing in Farrah Abraham’s life.

In a recent interview, Abraham opened up about trying to find some new friends. “I really can’t find one honest, great person here to be friends with,” explains Farrah. “I’d rather not deal with all the drama and fakeness of people trying to claw at me. I do have a couple of amazing friends in New York, and the girls on the show. Those are my close friends.”

Add to this the struggles Farrah Abraham is having finding someone to date, and it is a wonder that she isn’t more depressed with her life situation. Lucky for her she does have a supportive family when it comes to her child, or things could be really lousy for Farrah.

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