Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Is Officially Off the Binky!

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While Farrah Abraham may not have been the most liked Teen Mom, there is no doubt she is a good mother to Sophia. However, there is one thing that many fans disliked about Farrah’s parenting — keeping her daughter on the binky. For nearly three and a half years, little Sophia has been attached to her binky. On Monday, though, it was announced that Sophia has kicked the habit!

According to Farrah’s Official Fan Page, Farrah’s sister Ashley was the one who finally broke Sophia off the binky. As most can imagine, it was nearly an impossible mission and Ashley was sure to point that out! Sophia will turn four in April and most can agree that it is good she is finally weaned from it. While a pacifier can prove “pacifying” to a child, it can also cause some issues that can be avoided. Speech impediments and dental issues are just a few of the impacts that using a pacifier for an extended period of time can cause.

Hopefully Sophia will not suffer from any negative effects from the binky use. Fans will be happy to see some photos of Sophia without her binky, something that became a staple in nearly every photo or scene that she was included in.

Photo Credit: Farrah Abraham’s Official Fan Page

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