Fascist definition

I have been wanting to develop an article whereby I could define each of the ‘ism’s but the simplicity of it is not available.  Perhaps to an economic/political science major it might be easier.

Fascism is the hardest to define.  Fascism as under Italian rule of World War II and Mussolini, was that there is no equality, and equality cannot be attained as we are individuals.

I know that fascism is all the liberals rave about and I wanted to know why.  All men are created equal, but do they work to achieve equality or does socialism want to hand them equality while denying people their individuality?

I believe capitalism is a good goal, but if some people are not in the position to excel then they will never achieve prosperity.

Socialism, takes and divides what was earned and spreads out the wealth.  Nice concept except that socialists like Obama, my opinion, don’t live like you or I, and their socialist children get to go to private school, and wing around on jets we pay for.

So back to fascism.  We are all created equal by God, buy we are not either able to achieve equality by reasons of not being well connected, or because some people are too lazy to get out and try to achieve, while still others do not have the brains to get an education.

I may be overly simplifying fascism, and I’m not condoning it, but I want to understand it.  Right now, capitalism is not reigning, but it seems to me that neither is socialism.  So if we had to label, I’d say we’re fascists, and that bothers me, as we fought a war not to be fascists.

So?  Can anyone put me straight?

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