‘Fashion Police’ Capture Worst Dressed Celebrities

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On Fashion Police on Friday, the worst dressed celebrities were called out by the weekly E! Entertainment show’s four regular arbiters, all four of whom didn’t hold back in their often harsh judgements.

Indeed, George Kotsiopoulos, Kelly Osbourne, and Giuliana Rancic handily picked the fashionista who just wasn’t up to par in the past week during public outings. And then Joan Rivers picked the worst of the worst.

Given 10 seconds to defend his opinion, George selected Madonna in Marchesa. She wore what he called an “overwhelming” frock that resembled a costume, but wasn’t one, to the New York premiere of her movie, WE. This Fashion Police judge said that Madge is just too short to wear such a busy sartorial statement while on the red carpet for the Big Apple opening of the period film she directed.

That said, Kelly Osbourne was not in accord with George, calling out January Jones instead. The Mad Men actress was wearing Chanel in a perceived offensive look that boasted long sleeves somewhat resembling stained glass windows. Apparently, this choice for the recently pregnant Jones–who is now very fit and as pretty as ever–came off as a bit frumpy, at least according to this aggressively edgy British style discerner.

Meanwhile, Giuliana Rancic thought that Mad Men star Christina Hendricks was worst dressed for what she wore to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah this past week. In fact, when asked her opinion as to why she didn’t like the choice, Rancic proclaimed, “OMG. You want to be cozy at Sundance, but this is cozy crazy.”

Rancic voiced that Hendricks looked like a “Russian bag lady” in her mishmash of styles that included what was called a “hideous head warmer,” some funky boots that seemed to be made for hiking, an animal print faced statement handbag, and a full length coat that appeared to have been in moth balls for the past 40 years–and for good reason.

And then, at the end of the half-hour telecast, it was time to name the biggest style offender of the past week.

Although head Fashion Police arbiter Joan Rivers considered all three of the celebrities chosen by her trio of colleagues as worst dressed to be “train wrecks,” this comedian and sartorial commentator agreed with Giuliana. In fact she joked about the overall look, saying that Hendricks resembled “a greeter at the Odessa Walmart.”

A bad joke, for sure, but a bad outfit, nevertheless. Talk about a fashion fail. Yikes!

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