Fast and Furious Revealed to be a Secret Gun Control Scheme by Obama

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It seems Operation Fast and Furious may have indeed turned out to be all about gun control as House Democrats revealed their latest attempt to introduce more federal gun control legislation. At a press conference held yesterday, Democratic Representatives Adam Schiff, Carolyn Maloney, Pedro Pierluisi, Gerry Connolly, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Mike Quigley rejected the validity of the investigation into the botched gun-running operation. They went on to state that the investigation “obscures the real issue: gun control.”

So perhaps Rush Limbaugh was correct when he asserted that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) allowed weapons to flood into Mexico in the hopes that the resulting gun violence would cause outrage on the part of the American public. Limbaugh went on to claim that the Obama Administration would then use this outrage to impose even further restrictions on assault weapons.

The suspicion by those on the right of the current occupant of the White House may be backed up by emails that reveal that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms intended to use the sales, “including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called ‘Demand Letter 3′.” Demand Letter 3 would have been the third such law demanding gun dealers report information directly to the ATF.

House Democrats complained bitterly about the lack of current legislative initiatives aimed at further restricting Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms. Mike Quigley, Democrat from Illinois, lamented that the Congress hadn’t “had a hearing on that [gun safety] issue in three or four years…”

In a move that seems to show the true reason behind the original operation, Representative Connolly paraphrased the Attorney General of Mexico when he said “the single most important thing we can do if we want to stop gun violence is…reinstate the assault weapons ban.” However, the Mexican Attorney General failed to mention that, according to many on the right, this may have been the original intention of Operation Fast and Furious.

The ATF allowed thousands of assault weapons to flood into Mexico, that has been established and now, because of the dramatic increase in violence, there are calls for further gun control measures; how convenient. And afterward, House Democrats call for discussion “about the need for gun control, about the need for tougher laws.” It is amazing that the Democrats seem to be following through on the original plan even though, not only has their scheme been exposed, but their ally in the DOJ is facing contempt of congress charges.

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